How to Reduce Your Music Performance Anxiety

For majority of musicians, multi-faceted performers, and singers who are starting out in the industry of entertainment and even for several professionals, performance anxiety may ruin easily what must be an exhilarating and rewarding experience.

After several hours of practice, preparation, and rehearsals, you step out on the stage and the lack of applause or applause, the absence or presence of loved ones, the sight of the big crowd, and some other factors, make a sense of anxiety or panic. It differs from one person to another. The entertainment for the events may often become overwhelming at the last minute.

I come from a recording and mixing background so performance has always been my weak point. You can generally have as many takes a necessary in the studio but in a live situation it’s all on the line the first time.

If you aren’t prepared for the crowd of lack of the crowd or the weather and anything out there, it might ruin the big moment of music performing. In fact, there are other newbie music performers who cancel for the reason that anxiety is too much. Anxiety on music performance has been known for different psychological and physical dilemmas including crying, profuse perspiration, rapid heartbeat, lack of control of the bladder, and much more.

Below are the three easy methods you may use at the last minute to lessen music performance anxiety whenever entertaining for an event before you step out from behind the curtain in to the spotlight:

Before entering the area for your performance, have time for some deep breaths. Relax your muscles start by closing your eyes as well as envisioning a quiet place that you always like such as your bedroom, your backyard, the park, the seashore, the beach, and so on. Begin at the top of your head and focus on relaxing your facial muscles, then your arms, neck muscles, your legs, your feet, and your torso. This might be done probably through sitting in a chair. However, you may do this with the directed mental focus even if you are standing.

Let yourself envision the end of your music performance. See yourself bowing, feeling the applause, admiration, and adulation and shaking hands with other people who watched you. Giving them a smile is also a way of saying that you appreciate their presence.

Always look at your audience. Smile and think that they are all there for you and nobody can do what you can do for them. If you believe in this, your performance will be full with confidence. After that, ignore the audience and concentrate on your zone. Always have fun with what you are doing. If you did a mistake, keep going and keep smiling because no matter what happens, your audience will love you.

Multi-faceted performers are a source of enjoyment and pleasure for everyone and an asset in the music industry. Take away your anxiety and keep on performing because in that way, you are not just giving your audience some kind of entertainment, but also you’re making them happy. Don’t focus too much on how you will look like once you’re on the stage. Concentrate on how you will make your audience entertained.

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